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S5E22 - Ep 113: Ray Harryhausen and the Miracle of Dynamation (with screenwriter Scott Clevenger)

For over 30 years, Ray Harryhausen revolutionized what a movie monster could be—bringing joy & wonder to generations of fans.

5 months ago

Special effects titan Ray Harryhausen is rightfully renowned for pushing the medium of stop motion animation and single-handedly creating some of the most memorable on-screen monsters ever captured on screen. For this epic journey, we welcome back Scott Clevenger (from the Slumgullion podcast) to celebrate the mythic life and career of this legendary artist.

After starting with a little history on the man himself, we'll each present one of Harryhausen's 17 films. Making sure to keep his wonderful, if monstrous, creations in the spotlight.

Later on we have the results of the HARRYHAUSEN BATTLE ROYAL poll which we posted to the Facebook group before ending things on Nintenjoe's (hopefully not final) B-Segment.

On Twitter (X), be sure to follow Jeff @TheSlumgullion and Scott @Scottclevenger AND... you can and should listen to The Slumgullion anywhere you listen to our show and check out their website!

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