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Nintenjoe's Jukebox / The Second Coming

Nintenjoe is back at it again with his own show! He'll be playing some killer video game music for your listening pleasure!

1 year ago

Track listing:

Block 1

Duke’s Theme – Battle Arena Toshinden The Windmill Peak – A Hat in Time Strife and Ruin – Blasphemous Counter Attack – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Venus – Contra Shattered Soldier

Block 2 - Arcade

Freeway – TMNT Arcade In A Tight Squeeze – Super Contra Shadow Elf in the Harsh Fight – D&D Shadow Over Mysteria Kombat Tomb – Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade Gargos Theme – KI2 Arcade

Block 3 - Chiptune Goodness

King Fish – Thunder Force 3 Genesis Highway Theme – Rollergames NES Special Stage Theme – Sonic 2 Genesis Stage 3 – Gremlins 2: The New Batch NES Funky’s Fugue – DKC SNES

Block 4 - BIG Finish

Big Blue – F-Zero SNES Event Battle – Mega Man X: Command Mission GC Yellow Planet – Bucky O’Hare -NES The Climax of the Tower – Valkyrie Profile -PS1 You In Heep Big Trouble (Dark Horse) – Sunset Riders SNES

Final Song The Final Shellshock – TMNT Turtles In Time Arcade

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