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Ep 124: Saturday Morning Anime Explosion!

For better or worse, we remember various Japanese cartoons that his FOX Kids in the 90s, like Shaman King, F-Zero GP Legends, Monster Rancher and more!

13 days ago

In the 90s was when the anime floodgates opened in America, when programs like FOX KIDS started playing blocks of Japanese cartoons! But did we really need to catch 'em all?

Shows like Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Monster Rancher and even (the best left forgotten) Fighting Foodons were trying to cash in on the enormous Pokemon craze. But there were others too. A few diamonds in the rough, as it were. And while your individual mileage may vary on this EXPLOSION of like-minded content, we share our thoughts on 6 shows that we remember watching... for better or worse.

And later on, Parasite Steve drops a very anime inspired Retro Nouveau for a game he is currently obsessed with called Unicorn Overlord!

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