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Ep 122: Video Game Myths & Urban Legends

The world of gaming is lousy with rumors and legends, from Luigi in Mario 64 to Polybius... but are any of them true?

1 month ago

Even before the internet, rumors about weird stuff in video games were always swirling around the playground. Sometimes it was how to get a new character or access to part of a stage. Other times it would be a code for more lives, a secret boss fight or even just some crazy glitch.

But how many of those tantalizing tricks and tidbits ended up being true in the end? Some? Most? NONE? One things for sure, whether we 100% believed the rumor, a metric tonne of us ran home to try to find out ourselves!

For this episode, we present 12 such urban legends for your consideration. And later on, after the OCTOPONDER THIS, you'll get Coopster Gold's second installment of "I'VE GOT ISSUES"!

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