Retro Ridoctopus

S4E17 - Ep 084: Free Toy Inside!

Remember when breakfast cereals came with prizes right in the box? We sure do!

2 months ago

This episode is definitely part of a balanced breakfast.

Ignoring the dirty looks from mom, this week, we jam our grubby mitts into some cereal boxes to pull out the free toy packed inside! Remember those Wacky Wall Walkers? How about the Nabisco Spoonmen? Listen as we chronicle some of the weirdest and most memorable free prizes from the 50s to the mid aughts!

Later on, we'll tackle this week's Octoponder This and hear which cereal mascot our Retroids think would take the belt in a massive Royal Rumble style battle royal. And Nintenjoe takes us home with another band you need to check out in Power To The Metal!!

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