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The Brig: Flapjacks & Funny Books (with Larry Blamire)

Artist, writer, director and star of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Larry Blamire returns to chat about his newest absurdist funny books "Still At Large" and "Flapjack Alley"!

6 months ago

Larry Blamire returns again (for the first time) to talk all about his newest books "Still At Large" and "Flapjack Alley". One is out now, the other is on the way, but both as chock full of delightful absurdist humor that is sure to either split your side, or possible leave it in stitches.

Later on, we get Larry to do the reminiscing thing about the early days of his career working for the stage in Boston. You'll hear how he met some of the actors and aliens who would later appear in THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA, and thrill as your Octohosts drop a surprise dramatic reading of BRIDE OF THE MUTANT'S TOMB on Larry's lap!

As the kids say... this one's a hoot, pops!


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