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The Brig: Splatter Folklore (with author Thomas R. Clark)

Tom comes on to discuss his newest Splatterpunk collection Immoral Dilemmas and his favorite sci-fi franchise Planet of the Apes!

25 days ago

If you don't know what the difference between EXTREME HORROR and SPLATTERPUNK is, author Thomas R. Clark is here with the low down! For about two hour hours, we chat about the craft, what he digs about the extreme stuff and his newest Splatterpunk collection, Immoral Dilemmas!

And later on, we dive headfirst into a sprawling discussion about that beloved sci-fi franchise mega-hit from the 70s and all the toys and play sets that went along with it. No, not THAT ONE... we're talking PLANET OF THE APES!

Buy Tom's books wherever you get your reading material and be sure to visit his website!

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