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S3E11 - Ep 061: Themes From A Memory 3 / Total Retroids Live (to tape)

Our annual music fest is back again as we play blocks of classic cartoon & TV show theme songs!

1 year ago

Themes From A Memory turns THREE!

For those that don't know, this is our annual show where we play blocks of TV themes songs! Each Octo-Host has picked three of our favorites for you (these can be intro songs from retro cartoons and/or sitcoms). Once we are done with those, Nintenjoe will be playing two MEGA BLOCKS of all Retroid requests! It's gonna be a grand ole time for your nostalgia hungry ears so buckle up, grab a fruit roll-up and prepare to ROCK!

After all of that, 8-Bit Alchemy will be presenting this week's B-Segment in the form of another edition of COMPOSE YO-SELF!

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All original heavy metal music by Enchanted Exile

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