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S1E3 - Ep 003: Party of One / Awesome Movies That Get No Love

Have you ever felt like you were the only one in the whole world who loved a certain movie?

3 years ago

The show that celebrates all the things that made growing up awesome!

On this episode of the Retro Ridoctopus Cephalopodcast, host, 8-Bit Alchemy leads us in a discussion of some seriously obscure movies! Each host presents a specific flick that we think more people should know about... or possibly stab a thousand times in the face with a flaming sword.

Later on, we'll ask you to dredge up your first theater memory for this week's "Octoponder THIS". And to close out the episode, Parasite Steve spotlights and flushes out the history of a classic video game enemy, for a segment we like to call, DIE MONSTER!!

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