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S5E16 - Ep 108: The Super Nintendo Turns 32

For the 32nd birthday of the SNES, we go through some of the history, specs and games that make it one of our favorite gaming consoles of all time!

7 months ago

If you already feel old, how does it feel to know that the Super Nintendo came out 32 years ago?

For many of us, the 90s were defined by the 16-bit generation of video games. The successor to the enormously successful Nintendo Entertainment System was of course the good old SNES. A system that would push the envelopes the look, sound and overall experience of what a home video game could be, and go on to become a legend in it's own right.

For this episode, we cover some of the history, the technical specs (what was MODE 7 anyway?) and, of course, some of our favorite games! Expect some obvious classics as well as some deep cuts because your Octo-Hosts are huge fans of the good old SNES!

Later on, we'll get to this week's Octo-Ponder as well as a little COMPOSE YO'SELF from 8bit (or should we say 16bit) Alchemy!

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