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Ep 118: Video Pinballs Never Tilt

For the season 6 debut we've got a new host and plenty to say about pinball video games!

1 month ago

It's season 6 and the start of a whole new era of Ridoctopus with our new host Justin Cooper (AKA Coopster Gold)! Our man from Shytown wastes no time settling in as we celebrate some mean pinball video games. But there's no need to drive to your nearest amusement hall because these games can be played on such home platforms as the original Nintendo, various Game Boys, the TurboGrafx-16 and even MS-DOS!

And after we drop all the digital silver balls, we've got our first ever guest B-Segment as our pal Russ Lyman (from The Weekly Warp Pipe) says DIE MONSTER! You can find the video that inspired Russ's appearance on his YouTube channel! Be sure to like and subscribe to keep your world fun, bit by bit!

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