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S5E20 - Ep 112: Video Game Horror Obscura (Part 1)

We celebrate some incredible but lesser known video games starting with the Splatterhouse series!

4 months ago

Our first ever two part episode starts with a massive tribute to the Grandfather of all Gaming Gore, SPLATTERHOUSE! We'll take you game by game, room by viscera-painted room, through Rick's red-knuckled journey as he takes up the TERRORMASK to save his beloved Jennifer from the forces of EVIL!

After that, we'll each drop one OBSCURE horror game that we think deserves to have more eyeballs on it before ending things on the OCTOPONDER. We had over 60 responses this time and we're gonna read all of your amazing answers to the question: "What was the first game that truly scared you?"

If you're looking for even more Video Game Horror Obscura, have no fear because PART 2 is coming up shortly and will include 4 more games to sink your collection teeth into!

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