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The Brig: Princess Leia was NOT a Hologram (with Holographer Travis Paquin)

A fascinating discussion with the talented artist behind Laserboy Holo about lasers, science fiction and all things Holographic!

2 years ago

In a follow up discussion about holographs and holograms, we sit down for a chat with the talented artist behind Laserboy Holo, Travis Paquin! We cover many things, including how a hologram is made, what Polaroid had to do with the medium's prevalence in the 80s and why Travis chooses to make his own holographic film! There's also some stuff about sci-fi movies thrown in for that retro flavor!

Stop by the laserboyholo shop and contact Travis for custom made holograms! He's literally one of only a handful of artists still working in the medium today!

And you can watch videos of his process here!

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