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S5E19 - Ep 111: Retro Toy Lines (w/ Greenie)

Nintenjoe takes use back through some of our favorite toy lines with the help of our guest Greenie, who brought Barbie and Living Dead Dolls!

4 months ago

On another toy-centric episode of the Retro Ridoctopus cephalopodcast, Nintenjoe takes the reins as we present some of our favorite Retro Toy Lines. Here we aren't just spotlighting one or two toys, but the entire lines as a whole.

Along for the ride is "Mrs. Alchemy", Steph, AKA "Green Witch Of The North", AKA "GREENIE", in her first appearance on the show! She adds an incredibly valuable voice to the discussion, talking passionately about toys that none of us ever had!

And as always, we have the Octoponder, this week's B-Segment (from 8-Bit Alchemy) and if you make it all the way to the end, a very important announcement regarding the future of the podcast.

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