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The Brig: The Dark Apnea of TV's Frank (with MST3K legend Frank Conniff)

You know him, you love him, the hilarious Frank Conniff beams in to chat about his career in TV, The Mads Are Back, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and his new book Dark Apnea!

9 months ago

This time, we have a true geek LEGEND, in the BRIG!

Frank Connif is a writer and comedian best known as TV’s Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and is the author of nine books! Currently he performs with Trace Beaulieu in the monthly live streaming movie-riffing show, The Mads Are Back!

In true Ridoctopus style, we forcibly incarcerate our beloved guest and get him to chat about his career. From MST3K to Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Invader ZIM, Frank really spills the beans. It's okay, we cleaned them up after.

Watch THE MADS ARE BACK! Buy signed and personalized copies of Franks BOOKS! Check out Frank's official WEBSITE!

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