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The Brig: Creature Double Feature (with authors Peter N. Dudar & L. L. Soares)

Growing up watching schlocky monster films may have warped the minds of this week's guests, but since they both turned into award winning authors, we feel it's a win.

4 months ago

Peter N. Dudar & L. L. Soares are two talented best buds who definitely know their way around horror!

The Bram Stoker Award-Nominated, Dudar, having written such memorable titles as "A Reqiuem For Dead Flies", "Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers" and "Goat Parade" unleashed his newest grimy Grindhouse nightmare in late 2022, "The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations" from Grinning Skull Press.

And because truth is stranger than fiction, Soares took home a Stoker the same year Dudar was nominated for his first novel, "Life Rage". Since then, he's published skin-crawling yarns such as "Rock 'N' Roll", "Hard", "Buried In Blue Clay" and his newest, "Teach Them How To Bleed", from Bloodshot Books.

In this first BRIG of season 5, we get the goods on both of their newest books, before diving head first into a sprawling conversation about Creature Double Feature! In true Ridoctopus fashion, we each picked one classic monster flick that was played on the program and proceed to have an absolute blast talking about them!

For all the monster kids, this is gonna be a fun one!

Check out Peter N. Dudar official website: And follow both him and L.L. Soares on Facebook!

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