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Ep 119: Bad Movies Need Love Too (with author Ed Kurtz)

Ever notice how sometimes, so-called "bad movies" are often way more fun than those stuffy Oscar winners? We did.

1 month ago

Sometimes, bad movies are the most fun you'll have in front of a small screen. All you gotta do is grab some like-minded friends and good times can be had by all. And while your personal mileage may vary, is there a science to the phenomenon? A credible explanation as to what separates the Good-Bad from the downright awful?

Eh, who cares. In the spirit of liking what you like, we're gonna shout out a slew of movies we love in spite of their flaws!

Along for the ride is the most excellent author/editor Ed Kurtz!

And later on, don't miss the debut of our brand new B-Segment as Justin Cooper tells you why he's GOT ISSUES.

Snag your copy of Ed's new anthology "In the Cold, Cold Ground: An Anthology of New England Horror" over at the Zon and other fine book sellers!

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