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The Brig: Stephen King Rules (with HorrorHound's Michael Miller)

Journailist Michael Miller stops by to chat about his writing and to gush about the horror genre at large!

27 days ago

Parasite Steve leads a sprawling discussion between two true-blooded fans, who unabashedly gush over both movies and books in the horror genre! Not every kid learns to read with Salem's Lot, but our guest this week is exactly that cool! When journalist Michael Miller isn't writing an article or interviewing one of horror's top stars, you can bet he's injecting the genre he loves direct into his veins (figuratively).

Expect talk of Lansdale, Barker, Hooper and of course, the master himself, Stephen King. We discuss the various adaptations, including what we loved and would do differently given the chance.

Check out HorrorHound Magazine for Michael's interviews and articles!

And if you're in the area, come see us live at HorrorHound Weekend 2024! It's March 23rd thru the 25th in Cincinnati, OH!

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