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Crow's Nest: Wandering High & Low in Middle Earth (with Leikjarinn)

Our Icelandic pal Leik is back to chat about hobbits, wizards and his renewed passion for art!

8 months ago

Our Icelandic, Twitch streaming, artistic pal Leikjarinn joins us for a third time! And with the help of Parasite Steve The Grey... the two abandon the comfort of the Shire and delve straight into vast expanse of Middle Earth! For around 90 minutes, you'll hear about all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit--books, movies, games and what your hosts love about them!

Also, for anyone who has ever struggled with hobbies that ebb and flow, or passions you may have once cast aside suddenly becoming interesting again... you'll want to stick around for the final 30 minutes as well. Leik talks about his decision to movie a bit farther away from retro games, and devoting more of his free time to improving his artistic skills.

Follow Leikjarinn on Twitter @Leikjarinn and definitely check out his Twitch channel!

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