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S5E10 - Ep 101: Carnival Redemption Games / That's The Ticket!

What's coin-operated, incorporates skill and rewards tickets, tokens, or electronic points? Why, Redemption Games, of course!

9 months ago

Let's put video games on pause for a minute and throw some quarters into those types of games that spit out tickets! Skee-Ball, Whack-A-Mole, Coin Pushers and so many more! In this episode you'll learn the difference between a Redemption Game and a Merchandiser, as well as get some history on various mainstays of Chuck-E-Cheese and most any Carnival or Midway!

Keep pumping in those coins, because we have an Octoponder and our first ever C segment! What?!

The article on we reference in this episode:

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• 8-Bit Alchemy (listen)
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