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Ep 120: Pirate Crew Building (w/ Greenie)

We talk pirates and do some fantasy crew building using characters from the seven seas of pop culture!

18 days ago

With the Green Witch of the Shire (AKA Greenie) on deck, our new host Coopster Gold takes the helm for the first time, setting his spyglass on those swashbuckling, scallywags that once sailed the seven seas. YARRR, of course we be talking pirates!

After some basic history on the real deal, we begin building our own personal crews (fantasy football style)... choosing a ship, animal mascot, 2 crew members, a first mate and of course, a Captain to keep 'em all in line. The characters are chosen from all corners of pop culture so you never know who's gonna be mentioned next!

And after all that and an Octoponder, we have another guest B-segment. This time from an old friend who's name rhymes with Brintenjoe...

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