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S4E11 - Ep 078: Primetime RULES, Bedtime DROOLS (with Phil Conti)

With the help of our #1 Retroid, we do a deep dive on four non-kid retro TV shows we had to stay up past our bedtime to watch!

2 months ago

A fun round table discussion chosen by this week's guest, Phil Conti!

Phil is an old friend and one of our most active Retroids in the Facebook group. It was great finally getting to sit down and chat about TV shows we stayed way past our bedtime to watch as kids. Shows that in some cases, we WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE!

Later on, we'll tackle an Octoponder question which deals more with bedtime than Primetime... and before we sail off into the sunset, Nintenjoe will deliver the goods with another killer edition of POWER TO THE METAL!

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