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The Brig: I Lost My Skeleton in Bronson Canyon (with filmmaker Larry Blamire)

We get to chat science and skeletons with the hilarious Larry Blamire, writer/director/star of the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra for the film's 20th anniversary!

1 year ago

The indie 50s-sci-fi-style-parody-masterpiece "THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA" isn't just the SHOCK SENSATION OF OUR TIME... the thing also just turned 20 years young!

Writer/director/actor/playwright/artist Larry Blamire has made movies, written books, battled mutants, fingered rocks, even matched wits with a narcissistic skeleton!! But none of that is going to help him tonight, because for the next 2 hours, he's gonna be locked in THE BRIG! And you can bet your last cranberoid that we have ways of making him talk!

In addition to sharing insider scoops and anecdotes about the production of his many wonderful films, Larry spills the bees on his brand new (and live as of 11/30/21) Kickstarter campaign!


  • _CONTRIBUTE!_ The Kickstarter page for the brand new Lost Skeleton Lunchbox!
  • WATCH! The Blu-rays of Larry's film's are only at Hydraulic Entertainment!
  • READ! Visit Lulu to start building your own Larr-brary of Larry's keen books!
  • DISCOVER! The expansive world of Larry's steampunk epic Steam Wars!

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