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S4E1 - Ep 068: Pinball Wizardry

Pinball madness has gripped the Octo-hosts! For your pleasure, we about our favorite recently played tables!

1 year ago

The premier of season 4 is all about BALLS. Specifically, the chrome kind that you slap around a table. We are talking, of course, about PINBALL!

Back in November 2021, we had an absolutely AMAZING time attending PINTASTIC NEW ENGLAND, where we each got to try out dozens of pinball games! Some were great, others were not, but the experience definitely awoke a newfound love of the genre in your Octo-Hosts. And for this episode, we each picked 4 games that stuck out to us the most to spotlight for ya!

Smack dab in the middle of our picks, you'll also get some of our Retroids' favorite tables as well. And finally, Parasite Steve will take us home with the first Retro Nouveau of the season.

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