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S3E16 - Ep 066: Party of One / Criminally Underrated Cartoons (with Tino the San Man)

With the help of our buddy Santino, we each raise the flag of a retro cartoon we dug because no one else will!

1 year ago

Octo-Host, 8-Bit Alchemy continues the theme he started way back in EPISODE 3 with the return of PARTY OF ONE! That episode was all about spotlighting unpopular movies that we happened to love as kids, but this time it's all about cartoons! With the help of our longtime pal, musician and future clothing mogul Santino Mancebo (AKA Tino the San Man), we spend the episode finding the positive in some very under-celebrated animated shows including Star Wars Ewoks, Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm, Stunt Dawgs and Mummies Alive!

Later on, Parasite Steve slides into you bookcase with the Bram Stoker award winning novel of 1996, Crota by Owl Goingback. Best of all, he has a couple of anecdotes from the author himself, which were sent especially for the podcast!

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